Car Puncture Repair Kit: Never Keep Your Tyres Flat


There are so many instances where a lot of people get stuck because of the car’s Tyre failure during their journey. It becomes really frustrating to keep waiting for long till the help arrives to resume your travel. However, it doesn’t end here. The same situation could arise again if you don’t care for your tires leaving your breath high with another breakdown on road.

You need to learn, remember and follow a few steps through puncture repair kit to avoid long delays and frustrations over your car’s Tyre problems.

Understanding the puncture

First of all, you have to ensure that the Tyre is actually punctured. In most of the cases, a puncture is also caused by problem due to valve stem on the wheel which can be seen as a small crack from the outside and can cause malfunction to the inside mechanism. To avoid such scenarios, valve caps must be present as a cover to stop the accumulation of dirt in the valves.

In the past few years, the possibility of a flat Tyre has reduced because of the introduction of tubeless tires but still, a breakdown is not entirely avoidable and It is advisable to always be ready to control such situations as and when they arrive.

If your cars Tyre is actually punctured, remove it from the vehicle.

Use puncture repair kits for the tubeless tires. Most of the brands offer these with the car and can be easily stored in the trunk if not, the same can be bought from any Tyre shop. Nowadays, these kits are also available online which consists of a spiral tool, an inserting tool, a strip of puncture seals, a tube of rubber cement and a sharp blade. There are some kits available with additional tools like compressed air canisters with covers, valve adapter, etc.


Repair the puncture yourself

Here’s a step-by-step guide to repairing your punctured tubeless Tyre:

1. Inflate the Tyre to locate the puncture by checking for any nails or sharp objects from where the air is leaking. Ensure the object is visible clearly and if you can hear some sound from the affected spot. If not sure, please use the soap solution on the Tyre which will produce bubbles on the leaking spot.

2. Remove any object from the affected area that has punctured the Tyre. Ensure the angle of the object especially if you have found a nail before removing in order to avoid expanding the leakage hole.

3. Use the spiral tool and insert it into the puncture in a clockwise manner which will make insertion easier in the puncture strip. Ensure that the insertion matches the path of the object removed previously. Now use one of the puncture seal strips and feed it halfway through the inserting tool making it look like a needle and thread.

4. Once the seal strip is equal on both sides of the inserting tool, apply the rubber solution a little on the center of the seal strip. Make sure to put this solution before inserting the strip in the hole of the tire. Insert the inserting tool with the seal strip after pulling out the spiral tool from the Tyre which should stop about 2 centimeters of the strip. This is the point where the seal strip will be left inside blocking the hole in the Tyre.

5. Remove the tool, the strip will easily slip out due to the slit present on the tool. Cut off the extra strip hanging out with the sharp blade and check out the repair is good enough. Again, a soap solution can be used to ensure the repair is successfully completed.

6. Once the above steps are completed, the Tyre should be re-installed and you’re good to go!

Note: It is recommended to invest in a Tyre pressure gauge or inflator to refill and check the air pressure is not leaking after the above steps are completed.

If there is no leakage the car is ready for a drive, but do get it checked at a repair shop later.


Be self-dependent and drive-through

Having a car puncture repair kit will not only save your own time, but it is also very cheap in terms of investment approximately around 10% of the total cost a repair garage will charge you. Though, a bit inconvenient and demanding effort, in the beginning, it becomes much easier and relevant as you keep doing it yourself without having to wait for long hours and spend a good amount of money.

Be self-dependent and enjoy your journey on smooth tires.

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Happy Journey

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