Fire Extinguisher for Car: Cool it off!

Have you noticed your car’s indicator showing over heating of engine while driving on the road? Or have you noticed a car on the road side burning with thick black smoke being released from the bonnet or your own car spreading black smoke odour? If yes, then these are the signs that your car is ready to burst in flames leaving you badly hurt as well. To avoid and control such situation you need to have a “Fire Extinguisher” in your car.

It is important to carry a Fire Extinguisher in your car at all times, as it may come handy when you need it most. Car fire extinguishers capacity are similar to the capacity of normal fire extinguishers and are compactly designed to fit in your car without taking any extra space. It won’t cost much on your pocket and can save many lives, huge amount of money, and damage caused to your vehicle because of dangerous fire.


Causes of fire in your car

Cars do not catch fire without a major root cause which could be faulty designs by the manufacturers and such cars are recalled by them. Other than that there are some basic factors mentioned below to upset your car with fire and smoke:

  • Major accident or car crash leading to leakage of flammable liquids Car_Fire_Accident
  • Engine leaking fuel due to Mechanical failure
  • A fire caused due to electrical short circuits
  • Overheating of Engine crossing temperature limits
  • A fire caused due to exhaustive issues

It is always advisable to take your car for fixing in a garage or service center whenever you notice that your car is overheating regularly.

Type and Storage/Set-up of Fire Extinguisher in your car

For most of the cars, a small powder fire extinguisher weighing 1 or 2 kg in size is all that is required. These are compact and affordable too.

There is no hard and fast rule in terms of fixing or mounting the fire extinguisher in your car. There are many locations such as the side of the trunk/boot, side of the front mirror towards the passenger, below the passenger seat, etc. This should be installed on the mounting bracket (which is usually sold with fire extinguishers) to ensure it doesn’t roll around and avoid any solution leakage or breakage of the extinguisher.

In any standard car, it is recommended to store or mount the fire extinguisher around the boot space. This is to ensure that you get out of the car when it is in danger zone of catching fire, and in a better position to plan and react quickly.

How to cool-off the Fire

Once you have learned about the causes and type of fire extinguisher you should have in your car, it’s time for action. Let’s hope nobody faces such a situation during the journey but unfortunately, if you are one of the victim then please hold your nerve, don’t panic and become a hero by following the below instructions.

Firstly, if you come across any of the above causes of fire, do not attempt to get to your destination, stop the car and pullover immediately at the nearest and safest place. Try and stop far away from the running traffic to avoid any major mishap with other vehicles. Continuing your ride with any fire symptoms could potentially burst your car into flames and cause imminent danger to you and other lives.

Switch off the engine immediately once you have stopped the car to prevent any more fuel flowing. If you have co-passengers with you, take them out of the car to the safest distance. Pull out the fire extinguisher from the recommended location mentioned above to distinguish small fires or smoke by spraying on the affected part/area.


Note: If the fire or smoke is from the engine bay, do not open the bonnet fully as it may increase the oxygen which can cause the fire to spread in size rapidly. The best solution is to open the bonnet slightly and spray as much of the fire extinguisher inside.

If the fire persists even after usage of fire extinguisher, call the emergency services and wait for the fire engine.

Ignite the passion of driving without fire

The breakdowns due to car fires which can be caused by the smallest of things can be a major upset for you and your loved ones. It is hard to realize the criticality until anybody experiences it themselves. That is the reason to always carry a small and compact lifesaver (Fire Extinguisher) with you to enjoy your dream journey with a relaxed mind.

I encourage you to share your valuable feedback and any other missing information in the above content by leaving your valuable comments below.

Happy Journey.


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