3 Best Car Blind Spot Mirrors (2024)

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Car Side View Mirror with Blind Spot Mirror

A blind spot is a critical area that arises due to obscured views caused by uncovered sections of side-view mirrors, rearview mirrors, and windshield pillars.

The resulting blockage of vision can pose significant risks, potentially leading to damage or fatal consequences for both the driver and the vehicle.

To enhance visibility in side-view mirrors, one effective solution is the use of car blind spot mirrors. These small mirrors are specifically designed to detect incoming or crossing vehicles.

In this review post, we aim to assist you in identifying the 3 best car blind spot mirrors available in the market. You will also know the buying factors, and installation guide to place these mirrors appropriately.

The Benefits of Blind Spot Mirrors

Accident Prevention: Changing lanes and overtaking are common driving activities that necessitate careful observation through rear and side-view mirrors.

Detecting two-wheelers, such as bikes or bicycles, can be challenging and may result in collisions.

Blind spot mirrors play a crucial role in identifying incoming vehicles, minimizing the risk of major accidents, and enhancing overall safety.

Improved Identification: Blind spots are not easily covered by standard rear and side-view mirrors, potentially leading to oversight of fast-approaching vehicles when changing lanes.

The size and angle of blind spot mirrors effectively cover the adjacent areas of a vehicle’s rear wheels, facilitating easier detection and identification of other vehicles. This feature aids in controlling risks during maneuvers.

Stress Reduction: Consistently checking side view mirrors by glancing and moving one’s neck can be physically demanding, leading to neck and shoulder discomfort.

Driving under stress and pain poses challenges and risks. Blind spot mirrors alleviate physical strain by enabling a quick glance directly at the mirror to identify potential road hazards, promoting a more relaxed and secure driving experience.

Parking Convenience: Reversing a vehicle, especially in the absence of reverse parking cameras or sensor services, introduces potential risks and accidents.

Blind spot mirrors become invaluable in such situations, aiding in the identification of crossing pedestrians and gauging the distance from other vehicles.

This enhances the safety of the reversing process and facilitates timely and secure parking in the desired location.

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3 Best Car Blind Spot Mirrors

With so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We’ve scoured the reviews and researched the features to bring you the top 3 car blind spot mirrors:

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Marlbston Blind Spot Mirror

The Marlbston Blind Spot Mirror stands out in the crowd with its incredible variety and customizability. Whether you drive a sporty coupe or a family SUV, there’s a Marlbston out there to perfectly complement your car’s style and your viewing needs.

Unlike most blind spot mirrors that come in a single, round form, Marlbston offers a staggering 7 different shapes to choose from!

Round, oval, diamond, teardrop, wedge, fan, and rectangular – you name it, they’ve got it. This level of choice ensures you can find the mirror that flawlessly blends with your car’s aesthetics.

However, with so many shapes available, choosing the right size can be a bit overwhelming. It is recommended that you consider your car’s size and blind spot dimensions to ensure the mirror offers adequate coverage without obstructing your main side mirror view.

Nevertheless, each Marlbston mirror boasts 360° swivel rotation and flexible mounting arms. This means you can fine-tune the viewing angle to eliminate any blind spot lurking around your car.

There is no need for awkward adjustments or neck craning as the mirror offers perfect visibility tailored to your specific needs.

This mirror doesn’t compromise on quality. These mirrors are constructed with high-grade materials and weatherproof adhesives, ensuring they stay firmly in place and provide a clear view, come rain or shine.

You can drive through car washes and endure harsh weather conditions without worrying about your blind spot buddies falling off.

On the flip side, while the adhesive mounting is generally straightforward, some users report minor challenges with proper alignment. It is better to take your time and follow the instructions carefully during installation for perfectly positioned blind spot mirrors.

Overall, if you’re looking for a highly adjustable and stylish blind spot mirror solution, the Marlbston is definitely worth a try.

Utopicar Blind Spot Mirrors BSM017

Utopicar BSM017 blind spot mirrors take a different approach to safety, favoring subtlety and elegance over bold shapes and overt adjustments. But don’t mistake their sleek design for lack of effectiveness – these little gems pack a powerful punch when it comes to minimizing blind spots.

The BSM017 mirrors boast a frameless design that seamlessly integrates into your existing side mirrors. They practically disappear, giving your car a clean, high-tech aesthetic.

in terms of installation, these mirrors utilize strong 3M adhesive for a quick and secure attachment. Simply peel, stick, and adjust the viewing angle, and you’re good to go. No drilling, no fuss, just instant blind spot coverage.

The convex mirror surface offers a wide-angle view, allowing you to easily spot even the smallest vehicles lurking in your blind spot. 

The BSM017s come in a single, relatively small size. While this keeps them discreet, it might not provide enough coverage for larger vehicles or drivers who prefer a wider field of view.

Unlike some competitors, the BSM017s offer no swivel adjustment. The fixed angle might not be perfect for everyone, especially for drivers with taller or shorter seating positions.

Compared to some budget-friendly options, the BSM017s fall on the slightly higher end of the price spectrum. However, their sleek design, ease of installation, and quality materials might justify the cost for some drivers.

All in all, Utopicar BSM017 blind spot mirrors are an excellent choice for drivers who prioritize aesthetics and ease of use.

While the limited size and adjustability might not suit everyone, for those seeking a discreet and functional solution, the BSM017s are a top contender.

AmFor Blind Spot Mirror

AmFor Blind Spot Mirrors are a popular choice for drivers seeking affordable and effective blind spot reduction. While they might not boast the fanciest features or sleekest design, these little workhorses get the job done without breaking the bank.

AmFor mirrors are some of the most affordable options on the market, making them a great choice for budget-conscious drivers. You can get a pair for a fraction of the price of some high-end competitors.

Despite the friendly price tag, AmFor doesn’t skimp on quality. The mirrors are built with shatterproof glass and weatherproof housing, ensuring they stay clear and in place even in harsh conditions.

You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your car and blind spot dimensions. Round, rectangular, and oval options are available, each offering a slightly different viewing angle.

AmFor mirrors lack the swivel adjustability and frameless elegance of some competitors. Their plastic housing is noticeable and the viewing angle is fixed, requiring some initial adjustment to get used to.

While adhesive mounting is generally straightforward, some users report minor challenges with perfect alignment. Again, take your time and follow the instructions carefully to avoid frustration.

Another worry is the size. The smaller sizes might not provide enough coverage for larger vehicles or drivers who prefer a wider field of view. Ensure to consider your car’s dimensions and blind spot size before choosing the right size.

Overall, AmFor Blind Spot Mirrors are a solid choice for value-conscious drivers who prioritize functionality over fancy features.

Their affordability, durability, and variety of shapes make them a compelling option for anyone looking to reduce blind spots without a significant investment.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Blind Spot Mirrors

Investing in blind spot mirrors can significantly enhance your driving safety and peace of mind. However, with numerous options available, selecting the ideal ones can be overwhelming. To make an informed decision, consider these key factors:

Size, Shape & Fitting

When looking for the right mirror, consider what size is suitable for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so choose a size that offers comfort in viewing images.

Our selection includes various shapes and sizes – circular, triangular, square, and rectangle – ensuring you find the right fit for your needs.

Round Blind Spot Mirror on Side Mirror of a Car

Mirror Material

When considering mirror materials, glass offers superior clarity and scratch resistance, providing a high-quality reflective surface. However, it tends to be heavier and may shatter upon impact.

On the other hand, acrylic is a lighter and more shatterproof alternative, though it can be prone to scratches and may have slightly lower clarity compared to glass.


Blind spot mirrors come with or without frames, made from materials like plastic or aluminum. Pay attention to the choice of frame, as it can impact the mirror’s durability.

Consider the weather conditions in your area – frameless mirrors are suitable for rainy regions, while framed ones offer protection against dust and dirt.

Curvature & Coverage

Although often overlooked, curvature is an important factor. Remember that objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

In terms of blind spot coverage, a single mirror is effective for basic needs but may have limitations, especially for larger vehicles.

Dual mirrors, however, provide a broader field of view, enhancing coverage and proving particularly beneficial for larger vehicles, reducing blind spots and improving overall safety.

Anti-glare Coating

The purpose of an anti-glare coating is to reduce glare from headlights and sunlight, crucial for maintaining clear visibility, especially during night driving. This feature enhances driving comfort and safety by minimizing distracting glare.

Longevity & Adjustability

Durability is a crucial consideration for any product, including blind spot mirrors. Look for mirrors made of robust materials with good adhesive strength and weather resistance.

In terms of adjustability, a fixed mirror offers a pre-adjusted angle, requiring minimal setup. While convenient, it may not cater to individual preferences, potentially limiting optimal blind spot viewing.

Conversely, an adjustable mirror allows for fine-tuning the angle, providing a personalized blind spot viewing experience. This flexibility is particularly helpful for drivers of varying heights, ensuring an optimal field of vision and enhancing safety.

Installation Method

Consider the ease of installation when choosing a blind spot mirror. Most mirrors come with adhesive strips, but some may not, so be sure to check.

The simpler the installation, the better the product.


If you frequently adjust mirror angles, opt for a blind spot mirror with a pivoting hinge attachment on the back. This ensures versatility in different driving situations. For regular city rides, standard adhesive mirrors may suffice.

Price & Warranty

Blind spot mirrors come in various price ranges. While setting a budget is advisable, it is essential to avoid compromising on key features such as durability and effective blind spot coverage.

A warranty provides assurance and peace of mind in the case of potential defects or malfunctions. Checking the warranty terms ensures you have recourse in case of unexpected issues, contributing to a worry-free ownership experience.

Best Place to Put Blind Spot Mirrors on a Car

The optimal positioning of blind spot mirrors is contingent upon individual convenience and visibility preferences.

Contrary to rear-view mirrors, these objects may not be necessary, as they can potentially distract the view, especially when co-passengers are present.

The most suitable placement for blind spot mirrors is on the side-view mirrors. These mirrors typically range in size from 3 to 5 inches, allowing for easy fitting onto your side-view mirrors.

The decision regarding the placement of these mirrors should be guided by your preferred viewing angle.

For outer viewing, the top and bottom outside corners are considered optimal. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant gap or distance between the edge of your vehicle and others, which constitutes the most critical blind spot.

Consequently, the top and bottom inside corners emerge as the optimum choices for installing blind spot mirrors. This strategic placement enhances overall visibility and minimizes the risks associated with blind spots.

Installing Car Blind Spot Mirrors Appropriately

Installation procedure may vary depending on the type of mirror you have. Following are the general tips for blind spot mirror installation:

Mirror Preparation

Before installing the blind spot mirrors, ensure the host mirrors are thoroughly cleaned with water and dried using a clean cloth.

Adhesive Surface

Nearly all blind spot mirrors are equipped with a sticky surface, typically protected by a covering paper.

Paper Removal and Placement

Carefully remove the protective paper from the adhesive surface, revealing the sticky side.

Subsequently, affix the blind spot mirror onto the desired or preferred section of the side-view mirrors. This step ensures proper adherence and optimal functionality of the blind spot mirrors.

Here is a small video showing how to install a car blind spot mirror correctly:

Can adjusting the side view mirrors completely eliminate blind spots?

Adjusting the side view mirrors can enhance blind spot detection but does not entirely eliminate them.

For optimal results, it is recommended to adjust the driving side mirror and position oneself close to the window to maximize the detection of blind spots.

What is the proper method for setting car mirrors?

Set the rear-view mirror in a position that provides a comprehensive view of the entire rear area of your vehicle. Angle the side view mirrors outward by 15 degrees for an improved view and better control.

How should one check for blind spots?

In the absence of blind spot mirrors, the recommended method for checking blind spots is to perform a shoulder check.

Simply turn your head and look over your shoulder to the right and left. This posture is effective in ensuring a thorough examination of blind spots.


If you comprehend the concept of blind spots and their underlying causes, it is evident that controlling these blind spots is of paramount importance.

The visibility provided by standard car models and regular mirrors may prove insufficient to adequately address the imperative of monitoring blind spots.

Moreover, your driving experience is intricately linked to the experiences and intentions of other drivers on the road.

Despite your commitment to safe driving practices, the slightest lapse in attention from other drivers can jeopardize both their lives and yours.

Therefore, to enhance the ease of driving, contribute to the preservation of lives, and cultivate a sense of tranquility during your journeys, the incorporation of a blind spot mirror becomes a noteworthily useful and indispensable component for every vehicle.

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