Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit Reviews (2024)

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Cleaning a Motorcycle Chain with Spray Cleaner

Keeping a motorcycle chain gleaming and glistening with cleanliness is important for a smooth ride. This is where the importance of a top-notch motorcycle chain cleaner kit comes into play.

In this guiding post, we will explore the key features to consider in these kits, unveil our top recommendations, and guide you through the essential steps to ensure your motorcycle’s chain stays clean and well-lubricated.

So, continue reading to uncover the best options to keep your motorcycle chain in top form.

Why Cleaning Your Motorcycle Chain is Essential

Your motorcycle’s chain is a critical component of its drive train, responsible for transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. So, what happens if you don’t clean it on a regular basis?

Well, a dirty chain not only disrupts the transfer of power but also poses a series of underlying problems:

  • A grimy chain can sap your bike’s power, making it sluggish and less responsive. It’s like trying to sprint in mud-caked shoes—it’s just not efficient to output the expected performance.

And why does it happen?

  • Dirt and debris! These substances that accompany your bike’s chain act like abrasive agents, accelerating the wear and tear on your chain and sprockets with regular usage.
Brushing a Motorcycle Chain

If a motorcycle chain remains dirty, it demands more effort from your engine. More demand means more fuel. You’ll find yourself stopping for gas more often than enjoying the ride.

  • What’s more is that excess dirt and lack of lubrication can weaken the chain in the long run making it prone to snapping under stress. As a result, a broken chain can lead to accidents, leaving you stranded or worse.

These scenarios aren’t about inconvenience; they are a clear example of why cleaning your motorcycle chain is absolutely essential.

A clean and well-maintained motorcycle chain ensures that your rides remain smooth, efficient, and safe.

But why chain cleaners?

Benefits of Using Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kits

Using dedicated motorcycle chain cleaners, lubricants, and waxes offers several distinct advantages over alternative cleaning agents like kerosene or petrol.

Here are four key benefits of using professional motorcycle chain cleaning products:

Chain-Specific Formulation – Professional motorcycle chain cleaners are specifically formulated to clean and protect chains without causing harm.

These solutions are designed to dissolve dirt, grime, and old lubricants from the motorcycle chain. While doing so, the formulation of these products remains gentle on the chain’s metal surfaces.

Using kerosene or petrol, on the other hand, may clean the chain but can also strip it of essential lubrication, leading to accelerated wear and tear.

Preserves Chain Integrity – If the formula is gentle it helps in preserving the integrity of any item. The same applies to motorcycle chains.

These two-wheeler metals are subjected to high levels of stress and friction during operation. Using a dedicated cleaner is like giving your motorcycle chain the right type of oil, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

They not only remove dirt but also provide the necessary lubrication to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.

Cleaning a Motorcycle Chain With a Cleaner

Minimizes Environmental Impact – Many motorcycle chain cleaners are often designed with biodegradable formulations to be environmentally friendly.

While working with them, you remain protected from the risk of harmful chemicals contaminating the soil or water when disposing of residue.

In contrast, using harsh chemicals like petrol can have detrimental effects on the environment as well as your own health.

Enhances Chain Performance – This is more important! A majority of dedicated chain cleaners come with advanced additives that not only clean the chain but also improve its performance.

The additives may include anti-corrosion agents and friction modifiers that reduce wear, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your chain.

Think of a quality chain cleaner as a performance booster for your motorcycle—a little extra care for a smoother, more enjoyable ride which alternative cleaning agents do not provide.

3 Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit Reviews

Now that you know the importance and benefits of using motorcycle chain cleaning kits here are the 3 best options that will make your motorcycle chain life easier.

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Motul Motorcycle Chain Clean Lube Kit

The Motul Motorcycle Chain Clean Lube Kit is a complete solution that will help you keep your motorcycle’s chain in pristine condition.

Designed with precision and performance in mind, this kit offers everything you need to maintain your power sports machine and equipment with ease.

Cleaning your motorcycle chain is the first important step. To fulfill this, Motul’s chain cleaner does an excellent job. It features a chlorine-free formula that effortlessly cuts through encrusted deposits, making chain cleaning a breeze.

Similarly, this kit also offers a chain lubricant that is specifically formulated to meet the demands of speed and endurance racers. Its advanced formula ensures optimal lubrication, reducing friction, and extending the life of your chain.

In terms of usage, expect to witness excess liquid release so be gentle while spraying to avoid wastage. While the solution is very effective, the size of cans and bottles may not suffice for long-term usage.

Some of the other components included in the kit are a chain brush and nitrile gloves. Both items are vital for efficient cleaning and safety.

With a brush in hand, you can ensure that your chain is thoroughly cleaned, and with gloves, you can keep your hands protected during the cleaning and lubrication process.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about storing all these things separately as the kit is offered with a convenient storage bag.


  • All-in-one kit
  • Offers ease of usage
  • Comes with advanced formula lubricant and chlorine-free cleaner
  • Added hand gloves make the kit safer during usage


  • The size of bottles and cans are smaller
  • The kit may seem pricey considering the size

Clenzoil Chain Cleaning Oil & Tool Kit

For motorcyclists and cyclists who demand a comprehensive solution to bike chain maintenance, the Clenzoil Chain Cleaning Oil & Tool Kit emerges as a one-stop, all-inclusive package.

This high-quality kit is designed to offer a dual-action solution. The dual-action formula of the Clenzoil cleaner and lubricant streamlines the maintenance process, making it accessible for motorcyclists of all levels. It leaves your chain with a protective film, reducing friction and promoting longevity.

One standout feature is the kit’s formulation with rust and corrosion inhibitors. This provides ultimate protection even in extreme weather conditions, including coastal salt air. You can trust your chain to stay clean, lubricated, and rust-free in the harshest environments.

The kit includes a microfiber towel for wiping down your chain after using the cleaner and lubricant, ensuring a pristine finish.

It also provides brushes to help you reach intricate areas however it is not designed perfectly to fit different types of chains. So, you may have to use other alternatives for brushing, maybe a toothbrush!

The good thing about this kit is it does what it is meant for and the use and application are simple and straightforward.


  • The dual-action oily formula is very effective on chains
  • Adequately removes dirt and grime
  • Compatible with different types of chains
  • Offers protection in harsh conditions


  • Mediocre brush design

Muc-Off Clean & Drivetrain Kit

The Muc-Off Clean & Drive train Kit is a comprehensive solution for bike drive train maintenance. It combines powerful cleaning, degreasing, and lubrication products with a specialized brush to ensure that your bike’s drive train is in peak condition.

The kit stands out for its exceptional performance and convenience. The Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is a formidable grime-fighting solution that simplifies the cleaning process.

It doesn’t just remove surface dirt but penetrates deep into the chain and drivetrain components, ensuring a comprehensive clean.

The Bio Chain Degreaser takes chain maintenance to the next level. It effectively breaks down old lubricants and stubborn residue, preparing the chain for a fresh application of lube. Even though it’s a greaser, it remains soft on the chain because of its water-based liquid.

On the other hand, the Bio Dry Lube adds the finishing touch by providing a smooth and efficient layer of lubrication. It reduces friction, prevents wear, and extends the life of your drive train components.

The Claw Brush, designed specifically for drive train cleaning, ensures that no nook or cranny is left untouched. It simplifies the cleaning process, making it accessible to cyclists of all levels.

On the flip side, applying the cleaner accurately could be tough owing to the curled and bent hose design. It won’t be too difficult but regularly applying may not be feasible for everyone.


  • The kit includes many useful components
  • The cleaner is really good at removing stubborn dirt and grime
  • Well-designed claw brush for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • The water-based degreaser remains soft on motorcycle chains


  • Application may not be feasible for regular usage

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit

When it comes to selecting the right motorcycle chain cleaner kit, it’s essential to be discerning.

Not all kits are created equal, and the effectiveness of your chain maintenance largely depends on the features the kit offers.

Here are the key features to look for and why they matter:


Motorcycle chains can vary significantly in their dirt and grime buildup. If you have multiple two-wheelers it makes sense to look for a kit that offers a range of chain-cleaning solutions.

Variety ensures that you have the right cleaner for the job and the right machine. Whether it’s routine maintenance or tackling a heavily soiled chain the solution should be tailored to different levels of cleaning needs.

Durability and Build Quality

Chain cleaning is a continuous process. Therefore, your motorcycle chain cleaner kit should be built to withstand repeated use. For instance, kits with robust brushes and solvent-resistant components are more likely to endure the rigors of chain cleaning.

Check the sturdy construction and high-quality materials of a kit. Durability ensures that your investment lasts and continues to deliver results over a long period of time.


Motorcycles come with various types of chains, such as O-ring, X-ring, and standard roller chains. While variety matters, it’s crucial that your kit is also compatible with the type of chain your bike uses.

Each chain type has unique maintenance requirements, and a kit tailored to your chain type ensures effective cleaning and protection.


The cleaning solution included in the kit should be highly effective at dissolving grime, old lubricants, and contaminants without damaging the chain’s surfaces.

While most chain cleaning solutions come in water or solvent liquids, consider solutions designed to penetrate and lift off dirt, making the cleaning process more efficient. An effective solution reduces the time and effort required for thorough cleaning.

Ease of Use and Application

A user-friendly kit is a must for hassle-free chain maintenance. Check if the kit includes clear instructions and ergonomic tools that make the cleaning process straightforward. An easy-to-use kit encourages regular maintenance, ensuring your chain stays in top condition.

For instance, a kit with a specially designed brush that fits snugly around the chain’s contours makes the dirt-scrubbing process a breeze. It’s like having the right tool for a job, simplifying the task.

Brush Quality and Design

A chain cleaning kit is equipped with a brush which is a critical component for effective cleaning. Check the design of the brush. It should be built in a way to reach all parts of the chain, including tight spots between links.

A high-quality and well-designed brush ensures thorough cleaning, preventing residue buildup and potential chain damage.

Safety Precautions

Safety should always be a priority when working with cleaning solvents and tools. Cleaning solutions can be harmful to the skin or eyes.

Prefer the kits that offer gloves and eye protection. A safety-conscious kit keeps you protected during maintenance tasks.

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Chain Using a Chain Cleaner Kit

Cleaning your motorcycle chain is a vital part of maintenance that ensures optimal performance and longevity. Here are the steps to effectively clean your motorcycle chain using a chain cleaner kit:

  • Start by spraying the chain cleaner solution generously onto the chain. Ensure that the entire chain is covered, from the rear sprocket to the front sprocket.
  • With the chain cleaner still wet on the chain, use the chain brush included in your kit. Scrub the chain thoroughly, paying attention to all sides and the gaps between the links. The brush’s design helps reach tight spaces.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to pat the chain dry. Once the chain is completely dry, apply the appropriate chain lubricant from your kit as per the product instructions. Ensure even coverage by rotating the rear wheel as you apply the lubricant.
  • Rotate the rear wheel several times to distribute the lubricant evenly and check for any unusual sounds or resistance.
  • Finally, check and adjust the chain tension if necessary, ensuring it’s within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Note: It is important to wear protective gear to keep yourself safe from any cleaning solution splashes.

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Can I use the same chain cleaner and lubricant for all types of motorcycles?

Motorcycle chain cleaners and lubricants are typically designed to be versatile and suitable for various motorcycle types.

However, it’s a good practice to choose a product that matches your motorcycle’s specific needs, especially if you have a high-performance or specialty bike.

Consult the product label or manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility.

How much do motorcycle chain cleaning kits cost?

On average, basic motorcycle chain cleaning kits can start at around $10 to $20. These kits typically include chain cleaner and a basic brush.

However, more comprehensive kits that include additional items such as specialized brushes, chain degreasers, chain lubes, and cleaning tools can range from $20 to $50 or more.

The price may also be influenced by factors like the brand’s reputation, the quantity and quality of included products, and any specialized features or formulations offered by the kit.


Maintaining your motorcycle’s chain is not just a task; it’s a commitment to better performance, longevity, and safer rides.

A motorcycle chain cleaner kit simplifies this essential aspect of maintenance, ensuring that your chain remains free from dirt, grime, and rust. With the right kit, you can enjoy smoother rides, reduced wear and tear, and a more responsive throttle.

Dedicated motorcycle chain cleaners, lubricants, and waxes are purpose-built to provide thorough cleaning while preserving and enhancing the chain’s integrity and performance.

These products offer a more comprehensive solution compared to generic cleaning agents like kerosene or petrol, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience while minimizing environmental impact.

By following our guide on how to choose the right motorcycle chain cleaning kit, best products, and how to clean your motorcycle chain, you’re equipped with the knowledge to maintain your motorcycle chain effectively and embrace smoother, safer, and more exhilarating rides on your well-maintained motorcycle.

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