Car Battery Jumper Cables: Does it really jump?

Product: Amazon Basics Jumper Cable
Price: Rs. 1699/- (Approx. $24/-)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Jumper cables are capable of transmitting electrical current, the best pair of jumper cables for your car is heavy-duty jumper cables. The size of jumper cables is measured through-thickness in the gauge, and the lowest gauge number indicates the thickest cables. It is based on the following list of benefits to understand why heavy-duty jumper cables are better, compared to the smaller ones.

Heavy-duty jumper cables are more likely to transmit the required amount of electrical current which is measured in amperes, an indication of the number of electrons flowing through a circuit. These heavy-duty jumper cables have enough energy because of the presence of a high level of conducting material. Electrical current may cause overheating if the conducting material is less.Car_Battery_Jumper_Cable

Jumper cables need enough energy to jump-start a car and heavy-duty jumper cable does the sufficient amount of job required for a car to restart. These cables make better connections between the two batteries since they comprise of bigger and stronger alligator clips which allows you to hold the clips sufficiently back while attaching them to battery terminals.

The bigger size of jumper cables avoids any sparks while making the connection reducing the amount of risk to your health and bringing your car back to life.

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