Car Fire Extinguisher Kit: Cool off the blazes

Product: Ceasefire Powder Based Fire Extinguisher
Price: Rs. 2320/- (Approx. $35/-)
Rating: 4 out of 5

Why is it important to have a fire extinguisher in your car? Fires can break out for many different reasons.                                      Fire_Extinguisher_Car

The faulty electrical system is one of the top causes of car fires. When the car’s battery is charging, hydrogen gas accumulates under the hood which can create a current through frayed wiring in the battery causing a huge fire inside.

Irregular maintenance of your car is another reason. Delay in services and maintenance could lead to leaks, broken parts, bad wiring, etcetera leading your car to catch fire at any instance. So, make sure to keep your car in good shape.

Accidents are one of the major causes to set ablaze your car into ashes. A highly forceful impact causes a lot of damage to internal parts, leakage of oil and gas along with heating is a fatal combination.

People with driving passion love to push their cars limit extensively for pleasure. Doing so in a warm and dry climate causes additional stress on the car’s engine and if over-stressed, it may result in fire.

The above reasons are few and enough to prevent your car from fire and keep you and your family safe by keeping Fire Extinguisher. Car fires, whenever occurs, acts quickly and can absolutely damage your car before the help arrives. A Fire Extinguisher, will not only save you and your loved ones but also keeps your vehicle safe. Even if it is not used, the amount spent behind a little powder category Fire Extinguisher is not expensive than the lives of your loved ones.

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