Car Puncture Repair Kit: Fill in the air

Product: Amici Auto Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit
Price: Rs. 569/- (Approx. $9/-)
Rating: 4 out of 5

A flat tyre is likely to occur at some point in everyone’s motoring life. Travellers suffer a puncture on average every four to five years or in some cases even before. Almost every car has a spare tire but is not fitted when required because many are under-inflated hence, it becomes useless and in most cases, car owners can’t get the wheel off to change the tire.

A car puncture repair kit is designed to get you back on the road and lead somewhere to buy a replacement tyre. So, having a repair kit that can replace a flat tyre is very important during a journey.               

The repair kit weighs not more than 20kg and is about half the size of a car battery taking less space than a spare wheel. The kit comprises of a latex sealant that is forced into the tyre through the valve and a compressor helping to inflate the tyre. If used as per the directions supplied with the kit it will enable you to reach home conveniently.

It has the capability to repair four out of five punctures which will enable you to do 300-400 miles, thereby avoiding any roadside breakdown threatening your safety. Not having to mess with a jack and wheel brace is another plus point.

There are some cons to using a repair kit. For example, if you hit a kerb and cause significant damage to the sidewall of a tyre, a repair kit won’t do fulfil your need. And if your tyre suffers a blow out it certainly won’t help. Additionally, the inside of the tire and wheel will get covered in a mousse-like substance if the repair kit is used. However, it can be cleaned and repaired, as against to what some say, many repairers will refuse due to the unpleasant nature of work.

Product: Voroly Analog Tyre Pressure Gauge
Price: Rs. 590/- (Approx. $9.5/-)
Rating: 4 out of 5

One of the benefits is you don’t have to change the wheel. And repair kits are so effective at disguising a puncture that some car owners have to rely on Tyre Pressure Gauge or Monitoring System to discover their tyre’s lost air pressure. The downside of repair kit process is that the ride becomes firm because of rigid sidewalls caused during usage of repair kit.


Pros and Cons aside, this is a relatively new and increasingly popular innovation in the world of tyres. More than 90% of the punctures are caused by objects up to 5mm in diameter. The repair kit will cope with that enabling you to continue driving, without making you sweat harder.

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Have a tire-full journey.

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