Can salt and saliva break car glass? Myth busted

By Arif

Broken Car Glass

Can salt and saliva break car glass? Search this question online and you will undoubtedly find a video demonstrating how anyone can achieve this feat.

But is it really true? Is the combination of salt and saliva effective enough to break car glass? Well, the answers to these questions have already been debated and most experts deny any involvement of salt in breaking the car glass.

In this post, we will disclose the facts and myths about breaking car glass and whether you actually need salt and saliva to do it.

Can salt and saliva break car glass?

It is true that salt can be abrasive and saliva contains enzymes that may help in breaking down the car glass but not to the extent of shattering it completely.

The combination of salt and saliva isn’t powerful enough to shatter car window glasses that are designed to withstand a significant amount of force and pressure.

To break a tempered glass the tensile region under the top surface of compression should be penetrated with a force that cannot be generated by just salt and saliva.

Unless you really have a piece of salt big enough that is thrown with high acceleration you won’t be able to achieve desired results of breaking a car glass.

What breaks car glass easily?

So, what happens if you are caught in an emergency and left with no choice but to come out of the vehicle breaking the car window?

One of the best and possible ways to do it is using an emergency escape tool. A car window-breaking hammer is specifically designed to break car windows in emergency situations. Such tools are cost-effective and very competent to shatter windows with ease.

In case, you don’t have an emergency escape tool there are several methods like using your feet and other metal parts available in a vehicle to break the window.

Out of these, there is another effective and reliable technique that can be used with the help of a spark plug.

Holding a spark plug

To execute this technique, access to a spark plug is necessary. If you are trapped inside a car it would be difficult to find the spark plug since it is located under the hood.

If you have a spare spark plug unit inside the car or you are trying to open a locked car from outside with no access to the key then try this method:

  • Break the hard ceramic material of a spark plug into small pieces
  • Gather some pieces into your hand and throw them on the window glass with a force

The ceramic fragments or porcelain of a spark plug are very effective in breaking glass windows.

Here is a video that demonstrates the process of using spark plug ceramic to shatter the car window:

Final thoughts

It is highly unlikely that salt and saliva alone can break car glass. The information and videos available online about breaking a car glass/window with the combination of salt and saliva seem misleading.

Both the ingredients are not reliable and effective enough to crack the window however the substances if mixed with spark plug ceramics have been found impactful on car glasses.

Breaking car glass with salt and saliva is more of a gimmick than reality. There is no proof that such methods have been successful.

When it comes to emergency situations, it is always recommended to rely on approved safety tools like window breakers/hammers or seek professional assistance to escape from the car safely.

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